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Hello folks,

6 months have passed since my last post so I decided to give some insight of what I am doing at the moment. One thing I have finished now is how cards are structured in the project. Before, there was one big mess of godot scenes, characters and card avatars. Everything was connected in the inspector so changing names was a nightmare. Now every card has its own folder and have the same names for characters and scenes, so adding a new card is pretty easy now.

The other things I am still working on is the way how the construction-progress is displayed. At the moment, each building level (basement, first floor, etc) consist of several layers (TileMaps), so even a small building consists of many TileMaps. Unfortunatelly that many TileMaps are hard to handle in godot so I try to limit the number by merging all levels per layer. There are still some problems so I haven't solved.

So the new Alpha 12 contains no new gameplay elements, I am releasing it so you can find new bugs I introduced. Have fun playing it! One more question: as my progress is pretty slow at the moment, I thought about opening the source code. Is anyone interested in getting involved in the development? Leave a comment!

Greetings ClayManZ

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Version 13 May 02, 2022

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