Digging is working now

Hello folks,

October has just finished so has Alpha 11 of "The Worldbuilder". I have implemented two big features. Let us start with digging, before construction can start you have to dig out an hole. It happens automatic as every other step, but there are different speeds. Excavators are specialized machines that will help you with the job. While this feature is only accessible one one contract (Merchant), I will expand it to more contracts in the future.

The other new feature are semi-automatic tutorials. In former versions you had to click on "Continue" for every step of each tutorial. The semi-automatic checks if you have achieved what is desired in each text fragment. Originally I planned it only for the first tutorial, but it was easy and fun to implement so I updated every tutorial.

The next two months I will focus on more refactoring to get the game ready for beta. This means that I will stop working on the features and concentrate solely on creating exciting new constracts and cards, making more consitent graphics and trying to balance the game so it is a joy to play. But for now have fun with the new Version. 

Greetings ClayManZ


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Version 12 Nov 02, 2021
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Version 12 Nov 02, 2021

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