Core Game finished

Hello folks,

the current milestone called "Core Game" is finished now, it took me 18 Months to complete. I invested roughly 75 hours of time.

In the last days I stumbled upon the mechanic "digging", this needs a major overhaul of the way how the contract is mixed with the background. So there will be much works and many additional versions before this game can finally get in beta. I will also make my release cycle shorter and try to get out a new  build  every 2 Montessori, so stay tuned for the end of august.

Here is the changelog:

  1. Quicksave Game
  2. Resume Saved Game
  3. Add Localization to UI
  4. Add localization to contracts
  5. Add localization to objectives
  6. Display cards on game in inventory
  7. Preview on Discord
  8. Manual Payment
  9. Camera movement is odd
  10. Redefine lifting
  11. Contracts need resources
  12. Create different worker
  13. Add junkyard
  14. Deny buying cards if not enough money
  15. Increase display of success in a scenario
  16. Contracts can be started in any state and on any step
  17. Creation of new contracts
  18. Creation of new cards
  19. Evaluate Topdown view
  20. Toggle to architects design
  21. All Cards must be placed on sites for next turn
  22. Make workers prettier
  23. Make Crane Prettier
  24. Background scene for main menu
  25. Random scenes for contracts
  26. Add contract "Big House"
  27. Objective Money: Money is 0 after loading
  28. Different background scenes for contracts
  29. Recreate Contract-Chooser
  30. Make Cards to TurnActor
  31. Card-Chars dont vanish
  32. Update to godot 3.3

Have fun playing it. If you have any issues or like to give me some feedback, leave a comment here or on the discord server:

Greetings ClayManZ

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Version 10 Jun 30, 2021

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