Road to "Core Game"

Hello folks,

here is another update from the construction site. Opposed to what I mentioned the last post, I will stay with the current side perspective. Doing top-down means to much effort on programming and art. It would push the final release into an unforeseeable future.

I also finished the refactoring, which was smaller as expected. With the newly implemented Quicksave and -load the games' state can now be saved at every time. The implementation was pretty straightforward due to godots autoloading feature and the saving-tutorial. Praise godot!

There will be no alpha this time, I have reorganised my planning. Up to Alpha 5 each version got it's own milestone. After that my time was limited, so I couldn't deliver every month. Now my next Alpha is called "Core Game", its not meant to be the first beta but a skinny sheep including all basic features. At the moment I am working on the randomized creation of cards and contracts, so I don't have to make this all by hand.



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