Endless game now playable

Hello folks,

About a year ago I mentioned my goals for 2020, but I am not where I wanted to be at all. A beta is out of reach, many features are still missing. Even "Core Alpha" is far from completion, currently it's at 57%. It doesn't matter though, I will give my best to get a beta ready this year.

The generation of random contracts is finished now, they even get unique street names and numbers. Cards will be randomized based on each individual merchant. Everything can be saved in a quick-save file, I'll try to get it compatible with later savegames but I can't promise it. The Workers got a makeover with different tiers (unskilled, skilled, expert, master). The lift is now calculated by height so cranes get a real deal now. The endless mode (select "Start") is very unbalanced, some times you don't get enough resources to finish the game. I also added one tutorial and 2 new contracts ("Double House" and "Modern Villa"). But try the new alpha 8 for yourself and write me if you want to.

You can also join my new discord-server, I would like to hear from you: https://discord.gg/MJ46Ye5tVE

Greetings ClayManZ


the-worldbuilder-win.zip 13 MB
Version 9 Apr 13, 2021
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Version 9 Apr 13, 2021

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